The OCTO DRY BAGS by OCTO GEAR is designed for any activity in and out of the water.
Its strong and durable PVC material ensures watertight transport in any situation. The semi-clear front panel lets light in, but keeps personal items and valuables out of sight.
The Octo dry bag is available in 12, 20, 30 and 40 liter volume and comes in black, red and blue color.
It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap which can be clipped to any of its four D-Rings giving different carrying options.

If stored unattended or used as check-in luggage, its top D-Rings provide security feature by giving provision for a padlock or cable-tie. Its 2 side D-Rings provide further fastening features to ensure safe travel on the back of a kayak, motorbike or various other situations.

The Octo Dry Bag is priced from 590PHP- 890PHP depending on size. It is available at PACIFICA DIVE and many of it’s retail partners.


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