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1974 SCUBAPRO MK-V & R-109 arrived

We just received another piece for our Vintage Scubapro Regulator collection which will be on exhibit later this year.

SCUBAPRO MK-V 1st and R-109 2nd stage

Our unit is in very good conditions. it has the original hose, Mouthpiece, Yoke protector and even came with the original manual.

The balanced, flow-through piston first stage has only 1 HP Port and 2 LP Ports.
The Yoke is designed for only 2250psi service pressure and is much thinner compared to the heavier 3000psi Yokes in use today.

The second stage is unbalanced and has a full-metal housing with rubber purge.
The breathing resistance is adjustable.



AIR DEPTH – iPOD / iPHONE application

I recently downloaded AIR DEPTH, a simple and useful app for the iPOD TOUCH and iPHONE.

The free application allows to calculate MOD, BEST MIX, EAD etc. for Nitrox.
Functions are self-explanatory and it is very handy during classes or when preparing a dive.

The 0.99US$ full Version “DEPTH GAUGE” includes Helium and makes it suitable for the far more advanced diver.

If you want to download the app you will find it here:

Two More Skeletons

Here pictures of two more Scubapro skeleton regulators models.

The First stage is a Scubapro MK25AF Yoke Type

The Second Stage is a Scubapro Balanced Adjustable (BA)
It is a very reliable model which was discontinued just a few years back.
The reliable and robust Metal-Housing Design was reintroduced in 2009 with the new A700.