Our Staff is certified to service the following brands of scuba products:

  • Scubapro
  • Subgear
  • Seemann Sub
  • Uwatec
  • Draeger
  • Sherwood
  • Genesis
  • Mares
  • Aqualung / Apeks

 Technical Capabilities

  • Measuring of HP and LP with Class 0.2 Gauges
  • Measuring of Breathing Resistance
  • Measuring of Flow
  • Measuring Temperature via Laser / IR Thermometer
  • Pressure Test Chamber to 60mtr wet & dry
  • Weighing Scale to 0.01gr
  • Torque Wrenches 0-210Nm
  • Full Set of Special Tools of the main manufacturers
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner to 2-13ltr
  • Measuring Inter-Stage Pressure
  • Measuring O2 and He Concentration
  • Air Quality Test
  • Electrical Testing Equipment
  • Color Penetration Testing – Non destructive testing for cracks
  • Weighing Scale to 0.01gr
  • Hydro Testing of Scuba Tanks up to 300bar
  • Hose Pressure Testing to 300bar


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