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This could have gone wrong – Safety Tip –

Last week we received a regulator for maintenance with the DIN-Yoke adapter attached.
After removing the adapter we found a piece of coral-sand firmly wedged into the DIN Inlet which makes us believe that it might have been in there for a dive or more.

This can obviously lead to dangerous situations during a dive, especially when the air-consumption is high, like when diving in a current or in a stressful situation.

It should be good practice to have a look over the equipment before each dive.
Also a quick air-flow check should be performed by ALL divers before each dive.
Before entering the water take a few quick breaths from the regulator while watching the SPG.
If the needle moves while you breathe in, there is an obstruction in the air-supply like a blockage or half-closed valve.
Do not begin the dive until the problem is identified and rectified.

Dive Safe!!!