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Brut Regulator
Standard Octopus or Gemini Integrated Octopus
Pressure Gauge in metric or imperial

Set Price 23,810PHP
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Sherwood KINESIS Fin Black
Small, Regular, XL

(was 7250PHP) – now 2,465PHP

Small (red), M-L (red and yellow)

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SEAC-SUB P-SYNCHRO Regulator Set (Yoke Version)

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SEEMANN SUB SL200-4 Regulator Set (Yoke Version)

(was 12,900PHP) – now 4,386PHP



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SEEMANN SUB SL350 Second Stage

(was 7,900PHP) – now 2.686PHP

black-grey or black-blue, limited men & women sizes available

(was 7.900PHP) – now 2686PHP


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PLEASE BE AWARE – Equipment Service

We just received a regulator with this filter inside…

The shop who serviced it obviously didn’t have the correct parts on hand, so they “adjusted” the size of the conical filter.
As you can see, the very soft material closed the pores in the process and prevented air from flowing through. More than half of the filter was rendered useless this way. This poses a significant safety risk as a small amount of contamination caught in the filter might prevent air supply to the diver.

This was obviously done by an incompetent technician without any regard for safety and a serious lack of common sense.

If you get your equipment serviced, please make sure that the shop you go to is updated and certified to service your brand of equipment.
A retailer of a certain brand is NOT automatically a Service Center for the brand.
For most brands the technician needs periodical re-certification.
A wall of old certificates has little value as the regulator models change over time and updates on service techniques are introduced periodically.
Only a current technician can be a good technician.

In order to guarantee the proper function and long-time stability of performance of your equipment, manufacturers go to great length during R&D to select the best suitable parts for the assembly.
In the case of O-Rings alone, more than 20 different material and grade combinations are being used in many different sizes.
Shops using “generic” O-Rings to boost their bottom-line are exposing their customers to risks as un-certified and un-tested combinations are being used in real life.
If you want the correct parts in your kit,  simply insist on original service kits to be used during the service.
The kits come in a packaging which should be handed to you after the service.

In the case of SCUBAPRO, SUBGEAR and UWATEC, Pacifica Dive has a total of 4 certified technicians, 2 technicians certified to level 2 and 2 technicians certified to level 1.
We exclusively use original parts to service your equipment and have testing equipment for pressure and breathing resistance to ensure the quality of the work before releasing the set to the customer.


Where everything began… the first Scubapro…

In the beginning of the 60’s Healthways started to sell single-hose regulators under the SCUBA-LINE.
Different models were available as Scuba Star and Scubair among a few others.
(We have a number of these regulators on display in our Makati showroom)

In 1962 Healthways founded a dedicated department under the name “SCUBAPRO” and all regulator models from then on were sold under the new SCUABPRO brand name.
The first available model was the SCUBAPRO SCUBAIR “J” (1962-1963) followed by the SCUBAPRO SCUBAIR 300 (1962 only). Both were existing Healthways models.
In 1963 Scubapro started to produce it’s own regulators as a separate company. The first was the extremely successful 108 which was available from 1963 to 1988.
(We have a number of 108 regulators on display in our Makati showroom)

PACIFICA was able to obtain one ultra-rare SCUBAPRO SCUBAIR “J”.
Therefore we are now able to show you where everything began. The complete set including first stage and pressure gauge are now on display in our Makati Showroom.

…to be continued…




The new SPECTRA TRUFIT Mask is an addition to the existing Spectra Mask and allows a much wider range of people to enjoy this great product.
The TRUFIT skirt is made from extremely soft Silicone, allowing for a perfect seal on a much wider variety of faces. The mask features the same frame and proven, easy adjustable buckles as the standard SPECTRA Mask.
While for now the clear silicone Model is only available with Blue/Silver Frame and clear standard tempered lenses, the Black Silicone version features new, color corrective mirrored lenses.
The mirror effect will especially benefit underwater photographers who are stalking fish for a close up shot. Who has not come close to the perfect frame, and the second you look at the target it sped away…
Wearing the Spectra at the surface has an effect like wearing sunglasses, with a noticeable reduction in glare. Underwater the coated lenses allow for a clear and sharp vision while enhancing contrast.

– Swivel Buckle for easy adjustment
– Wide field of vision
– Low Volume for easy clearing
– Dual-Lens from tempered glass
– Universal, super comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes
– Mirrored, color corrective lenses (on black model only)


The ALL NEW Gorilla – Now in Stock

The successor to the famous SCUBAPRO Gorilla fins of the 1980s (on Display in our Museum), this new version of the award-winning Seawing Nova has been tuned to provide a slight increase in stiffness and snap. They give you more power, more speed and even better frog-kick-ability while at the same time ensuring they still offer the legendary comfort and efficiency of Seawings! The GORILLAs are ideal for those diving in demanding conditions!


  • The articulated joint allows the blade to pivot and the entire blade is able to generate thrust. Pivot control technology ensures the most efficient  angle of attack is maintained no matter how hard or softly you kick, generating thrust without drag or wasted energy.
  • Clean water blade geometry for optimum propulsion. Water is free to flow onto the working section of the blade, drag is reduced and thrust increased.
  • Variable pivot control ribs insures that the most efficient angle of attack is maintained across all strengths of kick.
  • Ergonomic foot pocket with extended heel plate insuring ultimate power transmission with less leg strain.
  • Durable Monprene® construction making SeaWing virtually indestructible.
  • Wing tips arc upwards, increasing high-speed  stability.
  • Marine quality bungee heel strap with custom adjustment system for total comfort and convenience.
  • GORILLA version Recognizable by the grey strap and grey S

Now in Stock


This could have gone wrong – Safety Tip –

Last week we received a regulator for maintenance with the DIN-Yoke adapter attached.
After removing the adapter we found a piece of coral-sand firmly wedged into the DIN Inlet which makes us believe that it might have been in there for a dive or more.

This can obviously lead to dangerous situations during a dive, especially when the air-consumption is high, like when diving in a current or in a stressful situation.

It should be good practice to have a look over the equipment before each dive.
Also a quick air-flow check should be performed by ALL divers before each dive.
Before entering the water take a few quick breaths from the regulator while watching the SPG.
If the needle moves while you breathe in, there is an obstruction in the air-supply like a blockage or half-closed valve.
Do not begin the dive until the problem is identified and rectified.

Dive Safe!!!