The new SPECTRA TRUFIT Mask is an addition to the existing Spectra Mask and allows a much wider range of people to enjoy this great product.
The TRUFIT skirt is made from extremely soft Silicone, allowing for a perfect seal on a much wider variety of faces. The mask features the same frame and proven, easy adjustable buckles as the standard SPECTRA Mask.
While for now the clear silicone Model is only available with Blue/Silver Frame and clear standard tempered lenses, the Black Silicone version features new, color corrective mirrored lenses.
The mirror effect will especially benefit underwater photographers who are stalking fish for a close up shot. Who has not come close to the perfect frame, and the second you look at the target it sped away…
Wearing the Spectra at the surface has an effect like wearing sunglasses, with a noticeable reduction in glare. Underwater the coated lenses allow for a clear and sharp vision while enhancing contrast.

– Swivel Buckle for easy adjustment
– Wide field of vision
– Low Volume for easy clearing
– Dual-Lens from tempered glass
– Universal, super comfortable fit for a variety of face shapes
– Mirrored, color corrective lenses (on black model only)


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