Since Johnson Outdoors acquired Seemann Sub in 2007 many things happened.

Johnson Outdoors evaluated the Product Portfolio and is upgrading many Products with the Knowhow of it’s SCUBAPRO and UWATEC business.

One example is the XP10 Dive Computer of SUBGEAR.
Many will recognize it’s face and interface even after the face-lift.
Over are the times that entry level computer had to make due with Air-Only mode and absence of IR PC Interface and other features.


Under the “hood” of the new XP10 works the proven electronic and feature kit of the UWATEC Aladin Prime.

With NITROX capability up to 50%, user replaceable battery and build in IR-Interface it offers the full package at a price of ony 22,900PHP.

Additional features are:
– Full Watch function
– Adjustment via Software or Manue
– Back Light
– Visual and audible alarms
– Safety Stop Timer
– ZH-L8 ADT Algorithm
– Desaturation Reset Function
– 25h Profile storage @ 4sec interval

Retail Price: 22,900PHP

Wanna try it out?


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